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Guangzhou Projoy Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of chemical additives and raw materials. We are authorized agents of famous chemical enterprises. Founded in April 1991, Projoy has more than 20 years history. Rich marketing experience and comprehensive product knowledge are our outstanding superiorities. Meanwhile working with domestic and foreign research institutions keep us innovating in chemical area. Profession, innovation, value beyond chemistry are our faith.

We specialize  in plastic additive, modifier and pigment, such as antioxidant, UV absorber, light stabilizer, anstatic agent, whitening agent, antimicrobial, clarifying agent, leather auxiliary, organic & inorganic pigment of BASF(Ciba), external &internal lubricant, antiblocking agent,  release agent, plasticizer of Emery, calcium stearate, zinc stearate, magnesium stearate, sodium stearate of FACI, aluminium powder and aluminium paste of Silberline, glass microballoon, anti-dropping agent, flame retardant, wear resistance agent, PPA processing agent of 3M, etc.

We are trading company, also could  provide customers with import and export service.

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